There are hundreds of network monitoring tools on the internet

— many of them free. So why pay for LogicMonitor?

If you’ve ever tried installing, configuring, and maintaining these tools, you know what a daunting task it is. For each device in your network, you have to know:

  • what needs to be monitored
  • how to collect the right data
  • how to display that data in a useful, visual form
  • what alert thresholds should be set at
  • how to setup escalating alert chains, etc.

If you calculate the cost of the staff time required to cobble together a hodgepodge of “free” tools to deliver the level of monitoring, graphing, alerting and reporting that LogicMonitor provides out of the box, you could have covered LogicMonitor’s monthly subscription cost for a full year — if not several years.

And that’s not taking into account the often-overlooked cost of ongoing system maintenance — backups, patches, upgrades, etc.

Every time there’s a change within your infrastructure — say a database instance is added, a volume added to a storage array, a virtual machine provisioned — the configuration files must be manually updated. The reality is, that doesn’t always get done.

Which leads to the big reason why LogicMonitor is essential for maintaining a trouble-free infrastructure.

It’s impossible for a small IT staff to keep up with all the change that happens in today’s increasingly complex IT environments.

To achieve maximum business continuity, where employees don’t call wondering why they can’t access their email, or where your website doesn’t suddenly take forever to load causing visitors to leave, costing you in revenue/reputation, you need automation.

That’s what LogicMonitor delivers.

From pre-configured templates that allow you to start monitoring new devices in seconds, to an ActiveDiscovery™ engine that detects any changes to your environment and automatically updates monitoring, to its maintenance-free hosted architecture, LogicMonitor dramatically reduces the complexity and staff time required to achieve – and maintain – effective monitoring.

Instead of requiring large upfront capital investment and months of costly staff time to setup, you can now have scalable enterprise-class monitoring within minutes. At an SMB price.