Hosted Monitoring Solution: LogicMonitor interview with CPI Solutions
"It was eye-opening how much information we could get in such a short amount time." James Oberhaus VP of Managed Services, CPI Solutions
Hosted Monitoring Solution  LogicMonitor interview with Zumasys
"LogicMonitor figures out what you're running and starts monitoring without a lot of effort." Stephen Mealey Manager of Cloud Services, Zumasys

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Appfolio, Inc.

Jon Walker

CTO, Appfolio, Inc.

For each year AppFolio has used LogicMonitor, we’ve been able to save an estimated $120,000 through deferred hiring.


iVenture Solutions, Inc.

Aaron Ward

Hosted Solutions Manager, iVenture Solutions, Inc.

LogicMonitor is a great and powerful tool; everything you could want in an online monitoring solution is just an easy agent deployment away!  Using LogicMonitor has allowed us to gain a lot of knowledge with our networks without having to manage the software-side of things.  Everything is customizable and allows for granular access.  LogicMonitor is a great tool to have in your IT tool belt.



Josh Cody

Senior Operations Engineer, Cedexis

Both LogicMonitor and Puppet are critical to our operations. Without them we could not do what we do. As an Ops guy I don’t want to work anywhere that doesn’t deploy these tools.

Press Even the press is talking.

This framework allows clients to easily collect data beyond CPU, memory, and disk usage, including the operational performance of their businesses.

Network World picks LogicMonitor as Product of the Week.

Our customers are not only using LogicMonitor to proactively monitor technology infrastructure performance — but to measure and monitor the operational performance of their business.

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