24×7 Alerting

Be alerted to issues before they cost you in revenue or reputation

LogicMonitor’s powerful, yet flexible alerting system ensures that the right alert goes to the right people in your organization at the right time.

LogicMonitor’s alert severity levels come in handy because not every issue requires being woken up at 4 am. In these cases, a simple warning email will do. But if a disk is 97% full, you want a critical level alert sent to your phone.

Pre-defined, yet Flexible Alert Thresholds
Alert thresholds have been pre-configured for you based on vendor’s best practices, as well as our ops team’s 20+ years of running data centers. But we understand that the same thresholds will not always be appropriate for every customer, so thresholds can be easily adjusted to your liking – globally, per group, per host or per object.

Alert Delivery Methods:
E-mail, SMS text message, Phone call (via text to speech), Webhooks, or viewable in web portal.

Alert Routing
Easily route alerts to different groups and set escalation rules based on type of device, severity of issue, or even time of day.

Alert Escalation
If specified recipients don’t acknowledge an alert within a given time period, alerts can be escalated to the next level in an escalation chain.

Alert Management
Manage alerts globally, on a group level, host level or at the individual object. Acknowledge alerts, escalate, or even schedule downtime – all by replying to an alert from your email, web or phone.

Event Monitoring Alerts
Create alerts from Windows Event Logs, Syslog, SNMP traps, or use LogicMonitor’s Logwatcher to alert on any log file.

Batch Job Monitoring
Have scheduled batch jobs that run at a particular time? If the job doesn’t complete within your specified time range, or with a specified output, LogicMonitor will alert you.


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