Storage Monitoring
Promise RAID Monitoring in Minutes

Promise Vtrak and other Promise RAID systems and controllers offer excellent performance and high availability. Of course, one of the issues with high availability storage is that fault tolerant components can mask a failure… until the time you really cannot afford an outage.

LogicMonitor will automatically detect and monitor all aspects of your Promise storage systems, including:

  • redundant controllers
  • fiber channel ports
  • logical volumes
  • physical drives
  • drive arrays
  • temperature, fan and voltage sensors

You’ll get graphs of the performance of all the components, and alerts on any issues or failures. All this with no work on your part other than entering the DNS name of the host.  And of course, LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery will keep your monitoring up to date, automatically.  Add a volume? Install a new shelf? No problem – LogicMonitor already knows about it, and has it monitored.

Just a few of the critical Promise metrics we monitor:

Promise Raid Controller Monitoring

Detecting every controller in the system, LogicMonitor will monitor them for health and performance, graphing cache utilization, throughput of reads and writes, and tracking operations for reads, writes and other operations.



Promise Logical Volume Monitoring

For every logical volume, LogicMonitor will alert if there are any health or performance issues, automatically creating overview graphs of all volume operations, and allowing you to drill down to individual volume performance, graphing read and write throughput, and all classes of operations.



Promise Physical Drive Monitoring

Each physical drive is automatically discovered, monitored for health and predicative failure states, has throughput and requests per second graphed, and automatic overview graphs created, so you can see at a glance how busy your disks are, and if IO load is balanced.



Promise Fiber Channel Port Monitoring

Discover and track all Fiber Channel ports for throughput, frames per second and discards, and see performance graphs for any period going back a year.