Storage Monitoring
PowerFile Storage Monitoring in Minutes

PowerFile’s hybrid storage systems help enterprises deal with storage growth.  LogicMonitor lets you ensure your PowerFile system is fault free and delivering the performance you expect.

Simply enter your PowerFile system’s hostname, and LogicMonitor will discover all the libraries, storage spaces, and interfaces, and monitor them all for health and performance.

Just a few of the critical PowerFile metrics we monitor:

Total PowerFile data throughput

For at a glance view of your PowerFile system statistics and health, LogicMonitor has you covered. You’ll see total throughput, cache hit ratio, job queue depth, migration times and read requests, as well as get alerts on global system health.

PowerFile Storage Space monitoring

LogicMonitor discovers every provisioned Storage Space on your PowerFile, and tracks the progress of files as they transition from new, through frozen, imaged and recorded. You’ll see every Storage Space’s cache utilization, and the cache misses – and be alerted when a storage space is running low on media.

PowerFile Libraries

LogicMonitor discovers every library on your PowerFile, and monitors and alerts on the health of the library and it’s member drives. It also tracks the blank available to the library.

You’ll also get standard LogicMonitor monitoring, of interface throughput, uptime, TCP statistics – and all the powerful LogicMonitor features that apply to our monitoring of all devices. Flexible alert escalations, full API, and more.