Storage Monitoring
Fiber Channel Monitoring in Minutes

If you’ve made the investment in Fiber Channel, you know your storage is important to you.  So it’s just as important to monitor your Fiber Channel infrastructure, from fabric elements to Fibre Channel attached devices.  LogicMonitor will automatically detect your Fiber Channel switches and Fiber Channel attached hosts, figure out what needs to be monitored – and monitor it.  Automatically. And as you bring up new ports or hosts, LogicMonitor will reconfigure itself to monitor them, and alert you to the changes, saving you time and letting you get on with other tasks. (Or maybe even go home on time for once.)

LogicMonitor will automatically detect every active port on your Fiber Channel switches and hosts, and create graphs and alerts for:

  • frames per second inbound, outbound, and discarded
  • throughput, inbound and outbound
  • port status errors
  • Fiber Channel fabric modules
  • and more

plus you’ll get the usual LogicMonitor features – the ability to filter and group ports automatically, see overview graphs, and more.