Storage Monitoring

Storage is at the heart of your enterprise. It needs to be fast, available, fault tolerant and reliable. No matter which storage vendors you have deployed, LogicMonitor’s cross platform monitoring will give you a unified view into your entire infrastructure.

LogicMonitor’s “default monitoring” stance means that monitoring configuration chores are a thing of the past. Enter your storage systems DNS name, and you’re done. LogicMonitor will find and monitor all controllers, all volumes, all disks, all shelves, and more. Never again have issues that you cannot analyze, or were not alerted to, because the monitoring was not monitoring latency on a volume.

With support for storage and fiber channel switches and devices from leading vendors such as NetApp, EMC, Promise, and more, LogicMonitor will:

  • reduce downtime with automatic detection of problems.
  • give you back time, by automating the configuration of monitoring and the detection of changes to storage systems. (Provision a new volume? LogicMonitor already knows, and has it monitored.)
  • easily manage and report on your storage however you want – across the enterprise by business unit, by datacenter, by function.
  • provide the most in depth alerting, monitoring and graphing, automatically