Windows Server Monitoring
Microsoft Cluster

Highly available environments with Microsoft cluster deployments have often just transferred their issues into monitoring. Their environments are now more complex, and it’s harder to assure that everything is working correctly, especially on the non-active nodes.

With LogicMonitor’s automated host monitoring, you can get assurance your cluster is up, and working correctly.  LogicMonitor will automatically discover and monitor:

  • each cluster node in the cluster
  • each resource group on each node
  • all cluster resources and their states

Be alerted when a cluster resource is failing, a resource group migrates to another node, or a node changes state.  And of course, LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery will keep your monitoring up to date, automatically discovering new cluster resources or resource groups, and monitoring them appropriately.

LogicMonitor’s powerful hardware and application monitoring will ensure that you get the full visibility you need – from the server hardware, to the cluster, to the Windows operating system and resources, to the applications running on Windows, such as SQL Server.  All predefined, without you having to know what or how to monitor them.

Save yourself hours of time and money. Try LogicMonitor.