Server Monitoring
Windows Server Monitoring

Need to ensure your Microsoft Windows servers’ uptime and availability, but don’t want to spend hours configuring monitoring, or becoming a monitoring expert? Make LogicMonitor your choice for Windows server monitoring, and in five minutes you can have complete monitoring of all your servers, and go back to adding value to the business.

LogicMonitor will determine the kind of Windows operating system, and apply the appropriate thresholds. It will discover whether the server is running IIS instances, or SQL server, or other applications, and monitor them appropriately. If you have specific processes or services that you want to monitor, LogicMonitor’s Windows server monitoring system will discover them, and you can then select them to ensure they are running, and not consuming an excess of CPU or memory.

LogicMonitor will alert you if your kernel memory pools are getting low, or swap usage is growing. Even if your drives need defragmenting, or is not keeping up with performance.Windows Server Monitoring

It will discover all the hard drives, and monitor them for excessive latency. It will discover not just file systems mounted at drive letters, but also using named NTFS mount points within a directory structure – and alert you if usage grows, while allowing you to see historical trends.

In short, LogicMonitor’s Windows server monitoring system will give you complete monitoring of your Windows infrastructure, email you when you should investigate an issue, and alert you when things are wrong (down or performance is being impacted.) All automatically, keeping itself up to date, for all applications.

And if you want to use the power of LogicMonitor’s graphing, API and escalations to monitor your own data, LogicMonitor is easily extended, and can collect data from Windows systems using WMI, perf mon, or other mechanisms.