AIX Monitoring

IBM AIX servers are often large, complex systems at the heart of an enterprise. They may have many disks, many paging spaces, and applications that are essential to keep running.

With LogicMonitor, monitoring your AIX servers is as easy as entering in the hostname.  LogicMonitor will discover the kind of server, operating system, find all the file systems, applications on the server, and everything else needed to provide comprehensive monitoring. Automatically.

Just a few of the metrics we use to monitor AIX:


Trending and alerting on CPU usage is essential. LogicMonitor lets comes with predefined alerts, but lets you tune them on a global, a group or a host level. You can also zoom into any period of time for the last year.



AIX Paging Space Usage

Keeping paging space usage under control is essential for the performance of AIX systems. LogicMonitor will automatically detect all paging spaces in use – even discovering new ones as you add them – and present both an automatic overview, plus individual usage graphs. And, of course, alerting you to any issues of over use.



AIX Disk Usage

No matter how many file systems you have on your system, LogicMonitor will detect them, monitor them, and alert you to issues. Automatically.

There’s much more that LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alert on – memory usage, NTP synchronization, database performance, and more. Contact us for more information.