Server Monitoring in Minutes

With LogicMonitor, everything you need for server monitoring is pre-configured, saving you hours of work.

Server monitoring

Real server monitoring means more than simple CPU and memory alerts, but shouldn’t require a lot of configuration.

With LogicMonitor, enter the IP address and you are done. LogicMonitor will automatically detect, monitor, and alert on:

  • operating system monitoring for Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX and more
  • applications such as databases, mail servers, web servers, and more
  • RAID controllers, physical drives, battery systems, interfaces
  • power supplies and power load metrics
  • fans and motherboard state
  • blade systems from IBM, Dell, HP, etc

Alert thresholds come preconfigured, saving you more time and helping prevent costly outages.
Configuration is automatically kept up-to-date, reducing the risk of issues going undetected – a common pitfall of manual monitoring systems.

LogicMonitor’s powerful web UI makes it easy to manage large numbers of servers – allowing customized thresholds and escalations for different groups or individual servers.

With LogicMonitor, you get a complete view of your systems – 24 x 7. So your business can keep humming, and you can sleep at night.