Network Monitoring Tools
Switch Monitoring

With today’s complex network switches forming the core of data centers and enterprises, configuring switch monitoring can be a time consuming task.  Or, you can use LogicMonitor to monitor your switches and the rest of your infrastructure (servers, applications, storage, etc). Simply, automatically – just by entering the DNS name or IP address.

With support and best practices built in for all major data center switch vendors, including switches in blade servers, LogicMonitor can automate the configuration of your switch monitoring. It will detect all the active interfaces, CPUs, redundant power supplies, memory pools, and more. And LogicMonitor’s Active Discovery will inform you when it detects changes to the switches, and monitor them appropriately. Active Discovery will detect changes such as:

  • interfaces changing state
  • changes in BGP peers
  • power supplies being inserted
  • new QoS policies applied
  • and more

Real time alerts and trending help you quickly react to, and diagnose, any abnormalities that need your attention.

Just a few of the critical switch metrics we monitor:

Interface Traffic

A fundamental thing for every monitoring system, yet LogicMonitor even does this better. Automatically tracking bps, packets per second, and discards, errors and queuing, 95 percentile, and allowing the trending of data from the last few minutes to a year ago.

Power Over Ethernet load

Switches nowadays do more than switch packets. They also provide power to other critical infrastructure, such as VoIP phones and wireless access points. LogicMonitor will automatically detect if Power over Ethernet is in use, and if so, track the power availability and usage, and alert you when you are approaching the limits, or if you have power supply failures.

Switch CPU load

Chassis based switches can have multiple CPUs, and that number can change as you add/remove cards. That can lead to outages due to issues that were not alerted on, unless you spend a lot of time to ensure you manually enter changes into your monitoring. With LogicMonitor, that’s not an issue. LogicMonitor will automatically detect all the CPUs, and alert you to any abnormal load. You can even see all the CPU’s on a single overview graph.