Network Monitoring Tools
Router Monitoring

Your routers are the heart of your network. You need assurances they are working, performing, and will stay performing without issues. You may have routers from multiple vendors, VPN tunnels, MPLS, QoS, BGP and even more TLAs (three letter acronyms.) You have enough work configuring and maintaining your routers – you shouldn’t need to be an expert in monitoring them, too, and reconfiguring monitoring to account for every change to your routers.

Let LogicMonitor help you out. With support and best practices built in for all major datacenter router vendors, LogicMonitor can automate the configuration of your router monitoring. It will detect all the active interfaces, CPUs, BGP peers, memory pools, and on, and on. And LogicMonitor’s Active Discovery will inform you when it detects changes to the routers, and monitor them appropriately. Active Discovery will detect changes such as:

  • interfaces changing state
  • changes in BGP peers
  • modules (DSU/CSU cards, encryption cards, etc) inserted/removed
  • new QoS policies applied
  • new VPN tunnels detected
  • and more

Real time alerts and trending help you quickly react to, and diagnose, any abnormalities that need your attention.

Of course, you have full control, and can specify classification rules, automatic grouping by type, location and more, and define and tune thresholds, exceptions and escalation routing. Even add additional monitoring, with a variety of data collection methods.