Network Monitoring Tools
Meraki Wireless Cloud Controller

Monitor Meraki… and the Rest of Your Infrastructure

Monitor (and alert on) your Meraki Wireless LAN devices with LogicMonitor
and consolidate oversight of your entire infrastructure into a single pane.

LogicMonitor automatically detects and monitors:

  • all access points
  • all interfaces on each access point
  • connection status
  • all traffic sent/received at the interface level (packets/bps)
  • number of users currently connected at each access point

Top 10 AP Interface Overview Graphs

Quantify usage and identify spikes and anomalies across all your Meraki wireless interfaces at a glance:

-By bps in/out
-By packets/sec in/out

(click to enlarge graphs)

All AP Interfaces in One Place

The Hosts tab in LogicMonitor gives you instant and comprehensive oversight of all your AP interfaces.  Track usage and quickly pinpoint issues. Get alerts when bandwidth or number of users exceed thresholds.

Easily Monitor Client Count

Quickly see number of clients per access point, across all your Meraki Wireless LAN devices.

Quickly Monitor Access Points

Custom tune thresholds to get alerts if an access point slows down or goes down, and easily drill-down on any access point to quickly isolate performance issues.