Firewall Monitoring
NetScreen Monitoring

NetScreen monitoring in minutes

With LogicMonitor’s automated monitoring of Juniper Netscreen firewalls, monitoring becomes simple. Add your firewall’s hostname or IP address, and you’re done. (If you wish, you can also have LogicMonitor scan, detect and add your firewalls automatically.) LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery will detect that the device is a Netscreen firewall, and apply all the monitoring needed.

LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery will find and monitor:

  • All installed modules, and monitor them for CPU, memory, sessions and failures
  • All VPN tunnels, and the throughput, packets and latency on each
  • Overview graphs showing the performance of every tunnel on one graph, speeding troubleshooting
  • Per policy traffic, tracking sessions, bytes and packets for each rule
  • Connections in Use, and Maximum Connections
  • global CPU and Memory, and Session load
  • the status of all installed battery, fan and power supply units
  • All physical interfaces on the firewall, and their throughput, packets and errors, as well as subinterfaces and flow statistics
  • Uptime

You will immediately have alerts defined on CPU load, memory, hardware issues and tunnel state. All with no configuration required.

And of course, Active Discovery will keep LogicMonitor up to date – add a new IPSec VPN link, and you don’t need to remember to update monitoring – ActiveDiscovery will do that for you.

Just a few of the critical NetScreen metrics we monitor:

NetScreen Session Usage

The Session load and number of failed sessions of a NetScreen is an important metric to monitor, but LogicMonitor doesn’t stop there. It detects and monitors all the individual CPUs in a multi-processor system, tracks memory usage and fragmentation, and lets you see at a glance whether your NetScreen is meeting the demands places on it.

NetScreen VPN Usage

LogicMonitor detects each VPN tunnel automatically, and graphs the throughput, packets and latency for each one.  It alerts you if the VPN state changes (but is clever enough to do so only if you’ve enabled Tunnel State tracking for that tunnel on the NetScreen itself.)  And of course, if you add or remove tunnels, ActiveDiscovery detects this and adjusts monitoring for you.

NetScreen Policy/Rule Usage

LogicMonitor detects each configured rule automatically, and graphs the throughput and packets that each rule forwards.  And of course, if you add or remove rules, ActiveDiscovery detects this and adjusts monitoring for you.

NetScreen hardware monitoring

No matter how many modules you install into your NetScreen, LogicMonitor will detects them, monitor them, and let you know if anything needs attention.