Firewall Monitoring
Checkpoint Monitoring

Checkpoint monitoring in minutes

Checkpoint monitoring is simplified with LogicMonitor’s automated monitoring. ActiveDiscovery will detect a Checkpoint firewall and apply all the monitoring necessary. If you wish, LogicMonitor will scan, detect, and add any firewall you have, automatically.

LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery will find and monitor all of the following:

  • All installed modules, and monitor them for CPU, memory, sessions and failures
  • High Availability configuration and status
  • Connections in Use
  • Status of Log Servers
  • global CPU and Memory, and Session load, along with encryption traffic, packets passed or rejected, VPN traffic
  • the status of all installed temperature sensors, RAID volumes, fan and power supply units
  • All physical interfaces on the firewall, and their throughput, packets and errors, as well as subinterfaces and flow statistics
  • Uptime

Without any additional configuration, alerts for Checkpoint firewalls will immediately become available defined on memory, hardware issues, CPU load and tunnel state.

There’s no need to worry about remembering to update your monitoring capabilities, either. ActiveDiscovery keeps LogicMonitor up to date.  Adding a new module requires no additional update, or configuration. ActiveDiscovery does it for you.