Network Monitoring Tools
Firewall Monitoring

Firewalls have their own monitoring requirements, and it can take a lot of work to set up monitoring to effectively cover them. Unless, of course, you are using LogicMonitor. Then with 5 seconds of work, you will have automatic monitoring of CPU loads, resource capacity, battery status, fan failures, etc, plus ActiveDiscovery of the number of VPN tunnels, traffic flows per policy, and so on.

Do you know if your firewall is approaching its session limits? If memory is getting fragmented, degrading performance? If all hardware is working? With LogicMonitor, you will.

With predefined datasources for firewalls from Cisco, Juniper/Netscreen, pfSense and many more, LogicMonitor does the work for you – and keeps doing it. If you add an expansion card to your firewall – LogicMonitor will detect it and start monitoring it automatically.
Define a new VPN tunnel – LogicMonitor will detect it, and track it for traffic and packet throughput. Add a new policy – LogicMonitor will show you how much traffic is being allowed through because of it.

netscreen monitoring

Plus, like all LogicMonitor monitoring, you can define custom thresholds, alert escalations and routing.

With LogicMonitor, you save in all sorts of ways – you will free up your time from monitoring, and get the best monitoring available – which will prevent issues, and speed problem resolution.