Network Monitoring Tools
Network Monitoring

Adding another switch? Another router? Another Firewall?

Make it easy on yourself – use LogicMonitor.

LogicMonitor, the leading hosted network monitoring tool, will automatically discover and monitor all components of your networking equipment. If you add a Cisco 6500 into your network, how long will it take you to configure into monitoring:
The Best Network Monitoring Software and Network Monitoring Tools

  • all the temperature sensors
  • many different CPUs
  • a varying number of memory pools, with different thresholds that need to be monitored for resource exhaustion
  • all the interfaces – some of which are slow speed WAN interfaces, which only support 32 bit counters, while others require 64 bit counters
  • monitoring for all the different QoS profiles that can be configured on different interfaces
  • monitoring for IP SLA policies that the router is executing

We’re willing to bet that with any other network monitoring tool, the answer is not the 5 seconds it takes with LogicMonitor. With LogicMonitor, simply enter the hostname, and you are done. (If that is too much work, you can also tell LogicMonitor to automatically add new hosts it finds into monitoring.) Plus, LogicMonitor will keep itself up to date, adjusting if you add/remove cards, activate interfaces, create new policies, etc – all automatically.

With full support for networking gear from Cisco, HP, Foundry, Juniper, etc. built in, LogicMonitor will free you up to add real value to your enterprise, while providing you with exceptional network monitoring and alerting for all your infrastructure.