Load Balancers
NetScaler Monitoring in Minutes

LogicMonitor’s unique hosted monitoring makes monitoring NetScalers effortless. It will easily allow you to answer questions such as:

  • Are your Netscaler HA nodes synchronized in their configurations?
  • Is integrated caching running effectively?
  • Are all the production VIPs up, and do they all have redundant back-ends?
  • Which VIP is the busiest?
  • Has traffic on that VIP changed over the last month?

Intelligent alert thresholds will be set, alerting you to any issues in hardware, performance or configuration. All with no configuration on your part.

Just a few of the critical Netscaler metrics we monitor:

Netscaler Performance

Netscaler Global Statistics

At a glance view of the health and performance on your Netscaler – total traffic, request, even surge queuing and unacknowledged Syns.





Netscaler Requests per second

Top 10 Overview

Automatically generated top 10 graphs of requests, connections, and throughput make it easy to isolate performance issues.




netscaler vip monitoring

Netscaler VIP Monitoring

Dive into the details of every load balancing and content switching VIP – see traffic, requests, performance and connections for any period from 10 minutes to a year. Be alerted if backed servers are down. All automatically.




Netscaler policy monitoring

Feature Monitoring

Turning on policies? Compression? Integrated Caching? LogicMonitor will detect it, monitor it, alert you to issues, and trend the performance metrics of the feature – all automatically.





And like all devices monitored by LogicMonitor, the configuration is automatically kept up to date. Eliminate the chance of your customers knowing about outages before you, because a VIP was not added to the monitoring system. Get monitoring that frees up time, and keeps up with your dynamic environment – LogicMonitor.