Load Balancers
Kemp LoadMaster

Monitoring LoadMaster Load Balancers

Kemp LoadMaster load balancers can effectively manage many sites – but that can lead to a monitoring headache. Unless you are using LogicMonitor.

Simply enter the IP address or DNS name of your load balancers, and you are done. LogicMonitor’s Active Discovery will discover and monitor:

  • all virtual servers, and track their state, connections, throughput, and packets, on each individual vserver
  • detect which virtual servers are using SSL, and automatically monitor and alert on impending SSL certificate expirations
  • whether the load balancer is part of a HA pair, and if so, monitor failover state
  • global statistics: CPU, Memory, swap space, and throughput
  • all active interfaces

You’ll get production ready monitoring and alerts – with no time expended.

Plus you’ll get all the powerful and automated features that LogicMonitor brings to all monitoring. You’ll have automatically generated overview graphs that will show you at a glance how all your virtual servers are performing, on a single graph. You’ll be able to apply filters that automatically classify virtual servers as production or not, and apply appropriate alert thresholds and escalations, so every alert matters.

And you’ll save hours of time and worry, letting LogicMonitor keep the monitoring configuration current.  Every change you make to your LoadMaster will automatically be reflected by updated monitoring in LogicMonitor. You’ll save time, and the monitoring will stay comprehensive – automatically.