F5 Big IP Monitoring

Are your F5 Big IP’s synchronized in their configurations? Is your integrated caching running effectively? Are all the production VIPs up, and do they all have redundant back-ends? Which VIP is the busiest?

With LogicMonitor’s hosted monitoring service, you can have complete monitoring of your F5 Big IP’s in minutes, and be able to answer the above questions simply and easily.F5 Big IP overview

All you need do is enter the hostname of your Big IP into LogicMonitor. That’s it. LogicMonitor will discover the device type, and, if it’s an F5 Big IP, discover all the interfaces, all the VIPs, caching or compression features, all the temperature sensors, etc. Intelligent alert thresholds will alert you to any issues in hardware, performance or configuration – even warning when SSL certificates are approaching expiry. All with no configuration on your part. You can drill down into any area.
For example, global statistics:
f5 Big IP global system statistics
or details for any individual VIP:
F5 Big IP VIP details
If you see a large spike in traffic volume on your load balancers, it’s easy to determine which VIP is getting the extra traffic thanks to automatically generated overview graphs. And like all LogicMonitor monitoring, the monitoring of your Big IP devices is automatically kept up to date, with no configuration required. If you add a new VIP, LogicMonitor will discover it and monitor it, protecting you against undetected outages and irate customers.
Eliminate the chance of your customers knowing about outages before you do. Get monitoring that frees up time, and keeps up with your dynamic environment – LogicMonitor.