Load Balancers

You installed load balancers to ensure the availability of your web sites. But how do you know your load balancers are performing correctly? If there is a surge in traffic, do you know which Virtual IP is responsible?

LogicMonitor provides unique Software-as-a-Service, configuration free monitoring of all datacenter load balancers.

Netscaler screencast visualIt provides detailed monitoring and alerting for load balancers such as:

and more.
If you see a large spike in traffic volume on your load balancers, it’s easy to determine which VIP is getting the extra traffic with automatically generated overview graphs.

Using Netscalers as an example (similar data is reported for other load balancers), with no configuration, LogicMonitor provides monitoring and alerting of:

  • CPU and Memory usage
  • Global requests
  • Connection queue depth
  • DoS statistics
  • all VIPs (connections, requests, throughput, performance)
  • Discovery of enabled features (integrated caching, GSLB, etc) and comprehensive monitoring (Cache hit rate, Cache Memory and performance analysis, etc)
  • all active interfaces (including aggregated interfaces)
  • Global health (high availability status and synchronization, NTP, disks, fans, etc)

And like all devices monitored by LogicMonitor, the configuration is automatically kept up to date. Eliminate the chance of your customers knowing about outages before you, because a VIP was not added to the monitoring system. Get monitoring that frees up time, and keeps up with your dynamic environment – LogicMonitor.