Power Infrastructure

Knowledge about your power is essential if you want to keep your systems up, and your costs low.UPS Monitoring

LogicMonitor gives you that knowledge. UPS systems, PDU’s, environmental monitors, even the power distribution systems in a blade chassis – LogicMonitor knows what to monitor, and when to alert you about issues that could adversely affect uptime. With built-in knowledge of devices from APC, Liebert, IBM and other power infrastructure vendors, LogicMonitor’s flexible trending and dashboards will let you follow how usage changes over time – you’ll be able to correlate power draw with new systems coming on line, and get alerts on capacity issues.


With LogicMonitor tracking the servers and applications, as well as power, you’ll be able to see how much more application load your current power infrastructure can supply, so you can convert from requests per second, to Amps, and ultimately dollars of revenue.  That is the power to light up any Datacenter Manager.