Database Monitoring
SQL Server Monitoring

LogicMonitor’s unique hosted monitoring service provides full Microsoft SQL Server monitoring, complete with best practices alerts and thresholds distilled from years of real life datacenter experience.  And unlike other monitoring systems, no configuration is required. Simply enter a hostname, and LogicMonitor determines whether the system is a Windows server; 32 bit or 64 bit (and applies appropriate memory thresholds for alerting); discovers all interfaces, physical drives, logical file systems, and also finds all instances of SQL server on that host.

sql server monitoringFor each instance of SQL server found, LogicMonitor’s SQL Server monitoring system automatically monitors, trends and alerts on many key performance indicators, allowing you to see at a glance how your servers are running. Predefined alert thresholds provide recommendations about settings that may need tuning, or indications of SQL that may need optimizing.

Further, while graphing SQL Server (and global server) performance metrics over time is essential for monitoring the health of your database, LogicMonitor also automatically monitors the metric that matters most – query response time – and alerts through escalation lists if performance or availability degrades past thresholds.

Like all devices monitored by LogicMonitor, the configuration is automatically kept up-to-date, so, if a new SQL server instance is started on a host, LogicMonitor automatically discovers it and start monitoring it. Eliminate the chance of your customers knowing about outages before you do. Get SQL Server monitoring that frees up time, and keeps up with your dynamic environment – LogicMonitor.