Database Monitoring
Pick D3 Monitoring

No monitoring system makes it easier to monitor Rocket Software D3 databases and the rest of your infrastructure than LogicMonitor. With knowledge of what to monitor on D3 databases, LogicMonitor has predefined alerts warning you of issues before they impact your service or performance. You’ll get performance trending graphs and alerts on:

  • License usage for all classes of licenses (IP, phantom, server, user)
  • Buffer usage, dirty buffers and buffer allocation failures
  • Write queue depth
  • Numbers and types of disk operations
  • Disk usage
  • and more, plus all OS level statistics

Just a few of the critical D3 metrics we monitor:

d3 disk activity

D3 Disk Activity

By tracking your database’s activity over time, you’ll be able to spot unusual workloads, or create overview graphs combining the activity from multiple databases. Be alerted to queuing issues, and correlate them with physical disk activity and capacity on the server.



D3 buffers

D3 Buffer activity

An essential metric for managing the performance of your Pick database.  By tracking buffer usage, you’ll know whether enough memory is allocated to D3 – and you’ll  be alerted to sustained low buffer conditions, as well as to buffer allocation failures.



D3 storage

D3 storage usage

Is your D3 database using all the allocated storage, for System or Data Usage? LogicMonitor will show you, and let you plot usage over any time period from a year to the last 10 minutes.