Database Monitoring

Did your last software release omit a needed index, causing more sequential scans? Are all your slaves sychronized to the master? Are your query cache’s tuned optimally?

These questions are easy to answer with LogicMonitor. Based on years of real life datacenter experience, LogicMonitor’s database monitoring automatically identifies the databases in use, and applies intelligent alert thresholds will be set, alerting you to any issues in hardware, performance or configuration.

LogicMonitor’s unique hosted model not only provides best-in-breed database monitoring tools, but unlike point-product database tools, it allows you to monitor and manage your entire datacenter infrastructure from within one system.

If you are a seasoned DBA, you’ll love the extensibility and customization of LogicMonitor. If you lack years of DBA expertise, you’ll appreciate the extensive intelligence and alert suggestions built in to the system. Powerful alerts can consider many datapoints simultaneously, allowing LogicMonitor to intelligently recommend different tuning changes for different conditions. Unlike other systems, with LogicMonitor you can add a new system and be fully monitoring it in minutes, with no more work than entering the hostname.

Easily extended to incorporate the output of any application specific queries, LogicMonitor can provide a global view of all your infrastructure, and let you drill down to specific problems, instantly highlighting issues.
LogicMonitor has complete configuration free monitoring for: