Web Server Monitoring
Apache Monitoring

Automate your Apache monitoring with LogicMonitor.  LogicMonitor will automatically discover all your servers running the Apache web server, and deliver the monitoring, alerting and graphing you need to ensure your web presence is up, reliable, and performing well. With no configuration needed on your part.

Just a few of the critical metrics you get automatically with LogicMonitor’s Apache monitoring:

Apache Busy/Idle workers

Apache has a limit as to the number of worker processes/threads it will spawn in response to load. LogicMonitor will show you how your servers behave over time, can alert you when you are approaching capacity, and let you see trends in relation to requests, so you can track things like the efficiency of your code.

Apache Requests

Track the requests/second for each web server over time – and create dashboard graphs that aggregate this data into meaningful overviews, so you can see at a glance your total traffic, or if any servers are behaving abnormally.

Apache Throughput

Track the Kilobytes/second each web server delivers over time – individually and in the aggregate.