Applications Monitoring
Web Server Monitoring

Whether you favor Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, or IIS, you need monitoring to ensure your web sites or applications are being served correctly.  With LogicMonitor, you get that assurance.

With Active Discovery of all web servers, and built in alerts and thresholds, you’ll know if you need more Nginx worker processes, are running low on Apache threads, or are serving too many 404 errors from IIS.

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With LogicMonitor’s powerful graphing, you can see the total or individual throughput of all your web servers on one graph,with one simple graph definition – specifying all web servers, or all production servers, or broken down by datacenter, etc.  And of course, should you add new web servers, LogicMonitor will find them, monitor them, and update your overview graphs – all automatically.  Free yourself from monitoring drudgery. Try LogicMonitor.