Mailserver Monitoring
Microsoft Exchange Monitoring

Your mail system is a critical part of your business. You need assurances that it is running effectively, and proactive insight into performance so that you can maintain high availability. LogicMonitor can provide you with that assurance, and you don’t need to spend days becoming an Exchange monitoring expert. Simply enter your hostname, and you are done.

LogicMonitor will automatically:

  • discover all the installed Exchange server roles on a server
  • provide best practices alerts and recommendations
  • discover all the attributes of the server (all information stores, Physical and Logical drives, etc)
  • report response time of all domain controllers, which can seriously impact the performance of your Exchange server.
  • monitor the entire system – from the Exchange application, through the underlying Operating System, to the external storage performance.

Just a few of the critical Exchange metrics we monitor:

Exchange Database Performance

LogicMonitor not only detects all the databases and information stores in use on a server, it monitors them all comprehensively, and trends the performance over time. You can see real time and historical perfomance metrics (cache perfomance, log requests queues, IO request rates and latency) and be alerted to unusual events.


Exchange Mailbox Servers Performance

For Mailbox servers, LogicMonitor will detect all the client protocols in use, and monitor and trend the operations, activity and performance of each protocol, automatically adding to the monitoring if more protocols are employed.


Exchange Hub Transport Performance

For Hub Transport servers, LogicMonitor will detect the role, and monitor and trend delivery queues, message rates, database operations, IO Bottlenecks, and more.


Exchange Client Access Server Performance

For Client Access servers, trend ActiveSync, .NET, OWA and Web Services requests, searches, response times, and connections, and more. All automatically.