Applications Monitoring
Mailserver Monitoring

In this day and age, email is at the heart of your business – whether it’s to keep the information flowing to and from your staff, so there is no lost productivity, or it’s at the heart of your web based application. It needs to work. And work well.

With LogicMonitor hosted monitoring, you’ll know when your mailserver is working – how many messages are being delivered, the queue sizes, bounce rates, and more. And just as importantly, you’ll know when it’s not, and be able to quickly track down the issue. Because LogicMonitor can monitor your entire infrastructure as well as perform mailserver monitoring, you’ll quickly be able to identify issues due to abnormal mail load; operating system issues, or even network and storage.

With support for major MTAs preconfigured, and a unique hybrid SaaS model, you’ll be seeing the benefits of automated monitoring in just a few minutes. Get ahead of costly downtime, without spending your precious time trying to do it – try LogicMonitor.