Java Monitoring
Tomcat monitoring

Can you easily track the average response time of requests to your Tomcat server application? Or see how the caching is performing? Or whether you are approaching thread limits?

With LogicMonitor’s Tomcat monitoring you can. You not only get all the Java monitoring, trending and alerting, which tracks garbage collection, heap usage, and other vital Java metrics, but LogicMonitor will automatically detect all your Tomcat instances, and monitor them using native JMX and Tomcat specific monitoring.

LogicMonitor will automatically discover all the listening ports, the containers, and applications, and track performance of all of them, alerting you if performance is slow, or resource limits are being approached.


If you reconfigure your Tomcat applications, LogicMonitor will discover that, inform you of the changes, and start monitoring the new objects. You can even add your own data to be monitored by any exposed Mbean.


If you depend on your applications being up, and performing well, don’t leave it to chance. Get LogicMonitor’s Tomcat monitoring.