LogicMonitor – ConnectWise Integration

LogicMonitor is the leading SaaS-based monitoring solution, and an increasingly popular alternative to premise-based and open-source solutions.  Complementary with RMM tools, a growing number of MSPs rely on LogicMonitor to monitor everything in their datacenter, including complex technologies such as VMware, NetAPP, Citrix, Cisco, Juniper, SonicWALL, and more.  Rapid, painless implementation, month-to-month billing, a small footprint, and the ability to unify physically and virtually disparate IT infrastructure provides irreplaceable value.

LogicMonitor’s direct integration with ConnectWise provides managed service providers with a more streamlined workflow, as well as graphical views into the status of tickets that help managers gain valuable insight about their business.

ConnectWise integration overview

connectwise service board ticket graphOut of the box, LogicMonitor provides the ConnectWise Service Board Depth datasource, which automatically discovers your Service Boards and graphs the number of open service requests in each, so you can see queue depths trending over time. Set alerts based on the number of open tickets, and easily create additional datasources to monitor ConnectWise metrics such as:

  • Number of open tickets per support rep
  • Tickets greater than x days old
  • Many more
Features & Benefits
  • LogicMonitor alerts automatically open tickets in the appropriate service board with the appropriate company, classification and issue type.
  • Real-time graphs show total number of open, closed or pending tickets in each queue.
  • Create custom datasources to monitor other aspects of ConnectWise accessible through the ConnectWise API.
  • Set up graphs & alerts based on any accessible ConnectWise metrics.


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