Case Studies

Hear customers describe how LogicMonitor delivers intelligence, productivity, and peace of mind.

Managed Service Providers

Aaron Ward photo  iVenture Solutions, Inc.
  “We first tested Solarwinds Orion, but getting that up and running was like a big puzzle…The (LogicMonitor) setup was pretty effortless…Within a very short period of time, we were collecting stats on   pretty much everything in our private cloud…We didn’t even consider going back to SolarWinds.”
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Neil Pritchard photo  PTLGateway
“Nimsoft requires quite a lot of work, quite a lot of systems and technical skills…We selected it (LogicMonitor) for a few reasons: Simplicity to install, very rapid deployment”
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  CIO Solutions
“LogicMonitor makes our $45K technical support guys smarter, allowing them to perform like $90K engineers.”
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Web-based Companies / In-house IT Departments

Cedexis_logo copy 2   Cedexis
“We rely on (LogicMonitor’s) SaaS-based monitoring service as much as we rely on Puppet Enterprise to manage our servers across 48 datacenters worldwide. I love the integration between the two products because it gives us full visibility into our infrastructure and allows us to manage resources at scale.”
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1524662_10152141173595763_197248876_n   Appriss
“With the reduction in over a quarter of a million dollars in expenses associated with CA’s previous solution, we’ve covered the LogicMonitor solution a couple of times over. LogicMonitor was so easy to manage and implement. We went from needing two people to manage our old solution to less than a quarter of the resource to manage LogicMonitor and keep it up and running.”
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“We have a small development team. For us, it was a way for us to buy rather than build. LogicMonitor figures out what you’re running and starts monitoring without a lot of effort.”
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  “LogicMonitor crushes other monitoring tools in the number of devices it supports out of the box, and the amount of datapoints it pulls out for you. It gives you more data than you could ever need. I’ve    never had that before – it’s kind of nice to be in that realm for a change.”
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  CSI Electric
“We use LogicMonitor to monitor the health and status on everything that’s critical from our key vendors: NetApp, SonicWALL, Citrix, Cisco, Riverbed, HP, Microsoft, and VMWare.”

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“Instead of having to use Cacti for networking equipment, Zenoss for alerting, and Nagios for other stuff, LogicMonitor is able to tie together all of the monitoring needs of our organization into one  tool.”
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  “When we do have an issue, it’s very easy to go in and look across metrics across all our servers and start pinpointing where something broke down…Instead of taking a half day to diagnose, we can   usually figure it out within 15 minutes.”
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jon  Appfolio
  “By using LogicMonitor, we avoided having to develop a solution ourselves, we haven’t had to invest a lot of engineering time, and we’ve actually been able to avoid hiring someone.”
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“You can do whatever you want with the open source tools, but the thing is how much you have to do to make the open source stuff work—it takes so much time, and that’s what it really comes down to, is the time.”
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