Hosted Monitoring for Web-based Companies

High Level Benefits

Eliminate Costly Outages
LogicMonitor watches your systems 24/7 and notifies you of issues via email, SMS, or phone call before it impacts business.

Visibility into Your Entire Stack
Know what’s going on with everything in your data center: power, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, servers, applications, databases, SANs.

Be More Productive
No need to pull engineers away from product development to build and manage a monitoring system. We’ve done all the work so you can focus on your core business.

Scale Smoothly
Trending data helps you know in advance when you’re going to hit capacity so you can make budget and operational plans.

Application Insights
Query your own application to gain real-time business intelligence. See visual representation of revenue, registrations, application usage, log-ins, or any metric you can think of.

See Impact of Code Changes
Immediately see the impact of new features on the application side and the system side. Avoid deploying inefficient code.


Intelligent Alert Routing
Route alerts based on type of device, severity of issue, or time of day to ensure alerts reach the right people.

Flexible Alert Management
Easily tune alert thresholds globally, or on a group, host, or instance level. Respond to alerts (escalate, acknowledge, schedule downtime) directly from your phone.

Simplify Troubleshooting
Automatically generated trending graphs allow you to look back at any time period within the past year to easily spot anomalies.

Informative Dashboards
View all metrics that are important to your organization on one screen. Dashboards can be shared to increase awareness throughout your company.

Quick Tour Of Alerts, Dashboards, Graphs

Automation Ensures Reliability
Busy sysdmins can forget to monitor important things. LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery engine ensures that everything that should be monitored is – without any work on your part.

SaaS Delivery
No CAPEX costs or systems administration overhead. Deploys in minutes.

Extensive Data Collection
SNMP, WMI, Perfmon, JDBC, JMX, IPMI, Web page parsing, log parsing, custom scripts, various vendor-specific API’s – LogicMonitor makes it easy to collect data from anywhere.

Easily Customizable
Data collection methods and alert controls are all exposed so you can get under the hood and customize to your liking.

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Watch Interview

Brandon Metcalf
Senior Systems Administrator
Nami Media


“With our previous tool, we didn’t have the visibility we needed into our application. I’d frequently get sent on wild goose chases with people saying there’s something wrong with the site and I’d have to go dig around to see if that really was the case or not. We now know exactly what’s going on with our network. It’s helped out a lot by providing a quick health check of the network without having to dive into specifics manually.”

Eric Kingery
Director of Technology