Hosted Monitoring for In-House IT Departments

High Level Benefits

Reduce Complaints
LogicMonitor watches over your critical systems 24/7 and proactively notifies you of issues before they disrupt your business.

Simplify Troubeshooting
No more wasting hours digging through log files. Automatically generated trending graphs make it easy to pinpoint the cause of issues.

Visibility into Your Entire Stack
Know what’s going on with everything in your data center: power, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers,
servers, virtualization, applications, databases, SANs.

Get More Done
Built-in templates and automation free you from tedious scripting and ongoing configuration. You’re free to focus on making your users and boss happy.

Empowering Intelligence
Not raw data, but data presented it in a visual format that helps you make smarter technology decisions that save your company money.

Consolidate Monitoring Tools
Eliminate multiple point solutions that don’t talk to each other. LogicMonitor pulls all your infrastructure into one solution.

Less to Worry About
No backups, DR, patches, upgrades to hassle with. As a hosted solution, we’re responsible for making sure the monitoring infrastructure is available.

Short Learning Curve
Web-based GUI can be learned in an hour. Empower more of your IT staff and even non-technical staff with valuable intelligence.

Low Risk
SaaS delivery. No CAPEX costs, professional services or maintenance contracts. Month-to-month service can be canceled with 30 days notice.


Multiple Alert Methods
Receive alerts via email, SMS text message, or phone call (via text to speech).

Flexible Alert Tuning
Easily tune alert thresholds globally, or on a group, host, or instance level to prevent alert noise.

Convenient Alert Escalation
Respond to alerts (acknowledge, escalate, or even schedule downtime) directly from your phone.

Intelligent Alert Routing
Route alerts based on type of device, severity of issue, or time of day to ensure alerts reach the right people.

Trending Graphs
Look back at any time period within the past year to investigate issues and help you stay ahead of problems.

Quick Tour Of Alerts, Dashboards, Graphs

Informative Dashboards
View all metrics that are important to your organization on one screen. Dashboards can be private, or shared with management.

Remote Access
No matter where you are, securely access monitored devices through LogicMonitor’s web-based portal.

Automation Ensures Reliability
Busy sysdmins can forget to monitor important things. LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery ensures that everything that should be monitored is – without any work on your part.

Instant Visibility
Add an IP address into LogicMonitor and within minutes, you’ll have trending and alerting in place that would take you hours of scripting and configuration with other tools.

Try It For Free 15 Minute Setup – Guaranteed

“I have no way to measure time lost or time-saved, but I could literally hire someone to do what LogicMonitor is doing and have them spend 8 hours a day checking and tweaking and babysitting a monitoring system.”

John Lockie
IT Director
CSI Electric

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