Hosted Monitoring for Managed Service Providers / Cloud Providers

High Level Benefits

Provide Better Service
You can’t provide expert service if you don’t have visibility into your customer’s critical infrastructure. LogicMonitor gives your staff the intelligence they need to be more proactive, and provide more trustworthy advice.

Make Your Staff More Efficient
Data presented in a format that allows engineers to easily spot anomalies and resolve issues faster, which reduces labor costs.

One Standardized Tool
Whether you’re monitoring firewalls, switches, routers, Windows or Linux servers, VMware, Xenserver, Exchange, databases, SANs…you have all your alerting, trending and reporting in one place.

Organized View of Customers
Keep tabs on the health of all your customer’s critical infrastructure from one dashboard. Quickly identify which customer’s need attention.

Right-size Your Cloud
Know what’s going on in your data center so you can ensure availability, and make more informed decisions about capacity.

Make Upselling Easier
Arm your sales reps with easy-to-read graphs that visually demonstrate to customers the need to add capacity.

Scale Easier
SaaS delivery – no complex installation. No monitoring infrastructure for your staff to maintain. No CAPEX costs. Deploys in minutes.


Multiple Alert Methods
Receive alerts via email, SMS text message, or phone call (via text to speech).

Flexible Alert Tuning
Easily tune alert thresholds globally, or for each individual customer on a group, host, or instance level.

Convenient Alert Escalation
Respond to alerts (acknowledge, escalate, or even schedule downtime) directly from your phone.

Intelligent Alert Routing
Route alerts based on type of device, severity of issue, or time of day to ensure alerts reach the right people.

Trending Graphs
Look back at any time period within the past year to investigate issues.

Role-based Access Control
Grant customers access to your portal, but control what hosts and dashboards they can see.

Quick Tour Of Alerts, Dashboards, Graphs

Automated Reporting
Periodic reports automatically emailed to customers to show them all the alerts you’ve responded to that they might not have been aware of.

Brand Your Portal
Customers see your logo throughout the interface, as well as in reports so your brand is reinforced.

Remote Access
No matter where you are, securely access devices on your customer’s internal network through LogicMonitor’s web-based portal.

Automation Ensures Reliability
Busy sysdmins can forget to monitor important things. LogicMonitor’s ActiveDiscovery engine ensures that everything that should be monitored is – without any work on your part.

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Watch Interview

Eric Egolf
VP of Operations
CIO Solutions


“We evaluated dozens of monitoring products and put several through a rigorous proof of concept process. LogicMonitor delivers what it promises. It’s easy to implement and candidly it works fantastic across multiple vendor platforms. The LogicMonitor solution has helped our organization exceed our service level agreements with our customers while simultaneously helping our sales teams identify new revenue opportunities.”

Stephen DePaula
Pittsburgh Networks