JMX Command Line Tools

Open Source Tool   |   November 10, 2014

Tools that enable you to debug your Java applications with real-time performance metrics

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JMX Command Line Tools™ consists of JMXTop and JMXStat – two tools that enable your Tech Ops teams to debug and troubleshoot their Java applications with real-time performance metrics.

With JMX Command Line Tools™, your team can easily view critical JMX metrics via command line, including:

  • Memory usage
  • Threads
  • Application-specific metrics
  • And more…

Currently there are configuration files written for Kafka, ZooKeeper, and Tomcat, three of the most popular Java applications in use today. Combined with LogicMonitor’s Java application monitoring, JMX Command Line Tools™ gives your team a complete view of the performance of your applications – from development to production.

Learn more or download JMX Command Line Tools™ on GitHub